Science for All

Members of the Memory and Learning Lab participate in Science for all, an event organized by the University of Padova that allows researchers to interact with the community. These are some examples of activities that we have carried out.

Leaving the old path for the new one: workshop on orientation skills and strategies.

Organized by: Laura Miola, Veronica Muffato, Chiara Meneghetti, Francesca Pazzaglia

Imagine having to reach a place you’ve never visited before. How do you find the right way? Do you use GPS, or do you prefer to rely on your sense of direction? In this laboratory, we have introduced games and activities aimed at understanding how our spatial skills work. Additionally, we have reflected on the various uses of GPS and how they influence our orientation.

Aging Mindfully and Actively: Discover changes in mental abilities and debunk myths about age.

Organized by: Enrico Sella, Elena Carbone, Margherita Vincenzi, Erika Borella

Do you feel that age influences your mental abilities? Do you notice changes over time? Is it possible to keep the mind active and preserve well-being as you age? We have addressed these and other curiosities through activities to engage mental abilities, understand how they work, and share best practices for aging well, dispelling myths about advancing age.

reCREATE: thinking creatively

Organized by: Gerardo Pellegrino, Tommaso Feraco, Chiara Meneghetti, Barbara Carretti

Being creative means breaking out of your own patterns, adopting a different perspective, and finding innovative solutions to everyday life problems. A series of activities were presented in which adults and children tried to think of original ways to recycle common objects or contemplate the possible consequences of bizarre and unrealistic events.